Movie Review: Happy Feet 2 in 3D

Happy Feet 2

Some things aren't meant to be sexy. Maths timetables, dumpster trucks, cancelled flights and shrimp or krill, as it's also known, from my experience are never featured in a sealed section spread. Happy Feet 2 turns these expectations of what is and … [Read more...]

Naming celebrity babies

Harper Seven Beckham (2)

It started with Frank Zappa.  I’m sure of it.  When he named his first born Moon Unit in 1967 I’m fairly certain my parents were not alone in thinking, “poor child imagine going through life with a name like Moon Unit.  What could be … [Read more...]

Chic & Eek!


CHIC 1. Not even trying to hide the fact you’re an Alexa Chung fangirl and wearing an abundance of Peter Pan collars to celebrate her being in Sydney 2. Our favourite fictional PR mavens Eddie and Patsy returning to our screens once again … [Read more...]

The Celebrity Hero Club


Kate Winslet as Rose in Titanic Actors. Isn’t it usually their on screen personas that we idolise while back in the real world they sit up in their ivory tower preening, pampering and philandering? In a bizarre example of life imitating art not … [Read more...]