You can't beat mother nature - why you should embrace your cycle
When the corporate offsite turn into career catastrophe

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Successfuly embracing your cycle

all kinds of pretty (2)

There are days when you know you are hot.  When your skin is glowing, your hair is flowing and that flash flood which would normally make you look like a drowned rat – somehow transforms you into a tousled temptress.  It’s Ok – take a selfie … [Read more...]

Do Supermarket Puddings Stack Up?

christmas pudding

  I love home baking.  I especially love cooking up sweet treats during the Christmas period which I find can be a very therapeutic exercise - particularly if I've managed to swing a few days off in the lead up to the holidays.  … [Read more...]

Princess Report #218

George christening

As the entire universe now knows, little Prince George Wotsi of Wotsi (okay, okay ….. Alexander Louis of Cambridge) was christened at St James’s Palace last week and we too would be pulling a similarly unamused face if we had to don a cream … [Read more...]

Princess Report #217: The Smoochball…..

Claire and Felix

Whilst we’ve been ever so slightly distracted by all matters Shurley related, there has been much princessy fabulousity across the land for us to cover …… so away we go to the Villa Rothschild Kempinski in Germany, where Prince Felix of … [Read more...]

Ultimate Fitness – on tour

ultimate fitness abs

Do you know what shits me? Health gurus who claim that traveling shouldn’t impact your health and fitness goals. They list off ‘healthy menu options’ and ‘hotel room exercises’ that sound easier than a Sunday morning with Lionel Richie. In … [Read more...]

Can Technology Save Your Relationship?

dishes in sink thumb

The argument.  You knew you were going to have it the moment he walked through the front door some 45 minutes after he said he was coming home.  As he hurries past you to the shower, you can feel the track suit pants you've had on since this … [Read more...]

The Ultimate You Fitness Formula

Ultimate Fitness U

I have a rocky relationship with my bathroom scales. Those two little numbers have caused me a lot of angst over the years; not because they’ve ever soared off the charts, but because I’ve painstakingly tried to understand why they fluctuate on a … [Read more...]

Overcoming temptation during Dry July

dry july thumb

I have good news for anyone attempting this year's Dry July, only 25 more days to go.  Ok so maybe that's not such good news for some.  Anyone who has had to abstain from something for a long period of time knows that one of the keys to overcoming … [Read more...]

Confession of a social media twit

confessions image

I have a confession to make.  I have made the odd occasional inappropriate tweet.    I'm sorry.  I'm human.  Look I've never actually XTL'd....but I admit there have just been moments when something seems so wrong and I want everyone to know … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Marc Cecillion

And in other news, the British Lions are currently on tour in Australia, so let’s take a moment to *crouch* … *touch* … *pause* … *engage* before this Saturday night’s annihilation by the Wallabies and take a quick side step back to 25 … [Read more...]