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“Comfort Baking” – my collection on Foodie.com


Check out Comfort baking by Lucy Dive Fenton at Foodie.com It's no secret that I love to bake. I have to admit that the main reason is probably the praise - no matter how well you cook a steak, you're never going to get the same reaction as when … [Read more...]

Tapavino Restaurant Review


I really only go out for dinner for the entrée and dessert. Main course generally bores me. I’m not working a plough during the day, so the last thing I need is a huge lump of meat and an ocean of vegetables. A few bites in and I’m usually done. … [Read more...]

How to design your Kitchen to suit you


A few years ago we were renovating our house.  It was a very long, painful process which seemed to go on forever.  I recall being grumpy most of the time - mainly because nothing seemed to go according to plan - and EVERYTHING cost more than we had … [Read more...]

Want to reduce that kitchen clutter?

declutter your kitchen thumb

Anyone renovating a house or apartment knows all about real estate. I'm not talking here about bricks and mortar real estate, I'm talking about kitchen counter top real estate. That's because these days the kitchen counter top competes with … [Read more...]

Can Technology Save Your Relationship?

dishes in sink thumb

The argument.  You knew you were going to have it the moment he walked through the front door some 45 minutes after he said he was coming home.  As he hurries past you to the shower, you can feel the track suit pants you've had on since this … [Read more...]

Inner City Escapes: Canberra’s Crowne Plaza & Sage Restaurant

Crowne Plaza Canberra Lobby

  Though many associate the upright corridors of Canberra with power, I have a simpler, in some ways, realistically romantic view of the Nation's capital.  She is a practical creature, born of compromise and collaboration.  The product of … [Read more...]

Inner City Escapes: InterContinental Melbourne the Rialto

Hotel Intercontinental Melbourne at Rialto Lobby fashion show

 That cold kiss of winter.  I love to hate it.  At once it sets my heart in places I know I will never travel to.  It makes me dream of a hot steamy island where I hope to forget my troubles.  For a while at least.   Of course even if I could … [Read more...]

Chocolate Macadamia Brownie

macadamia brownie

When I was growing up my mother was very focused on getting good, nutritional foods into us.  I have always marvelled at how she could make broccoli soup or lentil stew taste so good that you never thought twice about the fact that it was also … [Read more...]

Why Random Acts of Kindess Can Benefit Your Well Being

lula thumb

I know it sounds clichéd, but I helped a lady cross the road today who was struggling to manoeuvrer the footpath with her walking frame.  I could see the stress on her face and feeling her pain, I went to her aid.   Once she had crossed … [Read more...]

Undercover Lover? Check out Ananas Bar & Brasserie

Ananas Bar Brasserie Dining area

"Whenever your heart beats heavy And worry has got you down Come to your, lover undercover And I will turn your mood around" Melody Gardot   The French, famous for affairs of the heart, were known to visit their lovers between the hours … [Read more...]