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Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Warnie 220711

Shurley have been on the quiet side of late, so at the end of a tres busy week let’s *pop* the Bolly and stir things up with a #repost from July 2011 …… have a safe and happy weekend gorgeous peeps xxx Princess Report *Flashback Friday*: … [Read more...]

Princess Report #217: The Smoochball…..

Claire and Felix

Whilst we’ve been ever so slightly distracted by all matters Shurley related, there has been much princessy fabulousity across the land for us to cover …… so away we go to the Villa Rothschild Kempinski in Germany, where Prince Felix of … [Read more...]

Princess Report #216

Harper Wintour

Mmmmmm-kay *scratching heads* when was the last time you actually saw veritable Vogue editrix Anna Wintour crack a full on proper smile, you know the kind, when your mouth miraculously turns slowly subtly upward and your eyes glisten and glint with … [Read more...]

A Decade Later Uberkate’s Timeless Jewelry Comes Full Circle

uberkate ubermemories

  When I first met Kate Sutton,  founder of distinctive jewelry brand Uberkate, it was at her then partially renovated home in French's Forest.  I recall hesitating as I approached the front door  thinking perhaps I had mistaken the … [Read more...]

Artchitectural Design Breeds Fashion’s Cityzen

Cityzen by Azin- Bangkok-Kaftan-thumb

  There is a yin and yang that exists between fashion and architecture, a Zen like collaboration that seems to unfold effortlessly like the universe.  Like all good collaborations the end result satisfies the practical while pushes the … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Catherine Oxenberg

Imagine this scenario …… it is the eve of 27 July 1981, the night before the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, and you are standing with Prince Andrew on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. At the tender age of 18, you are three … [Read more...]

Princess Report #215

Maxima turbans

Yesterday we awoke to the news of another abdication in Europe. In a first for a Belgian Monarch, King Albert II will voluntarily hand over the reins to his son Crown Prince Philippe on 21 July (Belgium’s National Day). In ill health, Albert is … [Read more...]

Princess Report #213


      It seems everyone who is anyone is in ol’ Blighty atm and most of them were at weddings on the weekend. Across the land, from the majestic halls of Somerset’s Sparkford Inn to the sprawling grounds of Alnwick Castle … [Read more...]

Princess Report #210

queen coro 2013

God Save the Queen! At the request of Her Serene Highness, the luscious Lady Louise of de Berigny Towers, let’s take a peek at Tuesday’s happy and glorious occasion celebrating sixty magnificent years since the Queen’s coronation. Resplendent … [Read more...]

The Best.Shoe.Ever: THE ICONIC X Shoes of Prey


Who doesn't love finding the perfect dress and within the same sweep of your friendly shopping conglomerate, a pair of perfectly matched heels? Lovely except it never happens. Oh you were probably overwhelmed by a plethora of viable options the day … [Read more...]