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When the corporate offsite turn into career catastrophe

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Handbag Economics 101

Fendi deux jours small thumb

A colleague of mine is in the market for a handbag that is both fashionably forward and wearable in an office setting.  As a big fan of quality and classic styling - my advice to her was that if possible she should consider her purchase as an … [Read more...]

Mid-Season Sales: how to bag a wardrobe classic

net a porter roberto cavalli printed silk chiffon kaftan thumb

It's summer in the Northern Hemisphere and that means sale season.  I absolutely love it that the advent of online shopping means we Aussies can buy stuff that is BOTH on sale and in season.  I have always followed a few simple rules when shopping … [Read more...]

Are Your Accessories Dating You?

jewel 7

Once you have a certain way of putting on your makeup, it's hard to change and update with the times - after all it suits you, right? This chain of thought can be seen on mothers and grandmothers everywhere, and as hard as I try, when pressed for … [Read more...]

Princess Report #227

Kate Wimbledon 2 July 2014

  Inspired by our beautiful friend and training buddy Miss C, let’s head over to the All England Lawn Tennis Club where not even the presence of our ever gorgeous and perfectly poised Princess (resplendent in her Zimmerman Roamer day dress … [Read more...]

Princess Report #225

maxima green

  Sooooooo many goings ons in PR land peeps what with the Spanish abdication, the upcoming christening of baby-Princess Leonore in Sweden and the long awaited news that Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene of Monaco is expecting her first … [Read more...]

Competition: “Get Your Style On” and Win a Russian Rings Necklace


Is your wardrobe missing a key piece this season? Need something to cheer you up as the days get shorter and the winter chill sets in? The "Charlotte" Russian Rings necklace in rose gold from StyleRocks would brighten anyone's day and we're giving … [Read more...]

StyleRocks: The Busy Woman’s Destination for Jewellery


  You know exactly what you're looking for, which means, of course, you can't find it. If only you were a little less sure, you'd find something that would do, but there are times when knowing what you want can work against you. So you have a … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Diana Emerald Choker

  We do so love a reason to revisit the hedonistic 80s so let’s take a lazy stroll back to those halcyon days when Melbourne’s Southern Cross Hotel was the epitome of style and sophistication, hosting Presidents, movie stars, Brownlows, … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

charlene then and now

There are makeovers and then there are princess makeovers …… and goodness knows, we’re all for a little touch up here and there, a teeny tweak slash freshen up, a prudent use of a softly hued Insty filter …… call it what you will team, but … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

warnie and shazza

It's been a while team, so let's have some Friday fun with a flashback from November 2011..... Princess Report *WWW Update*: Back to our Warnie Wedding Wednesday Special Series. As one of the team so kindly reminded us, our dear Warnie has in fact … [Read more...]