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Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Diana Emerald Choker

  We do so love a reason to revisit the hedonistic 80s so let’s take a lazy stroll back to those halcyon days when Melbourne’s Southern Cross Hotel was the epitome of style and sophistication, hosting Presidents, movie stars, Brownlows, … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

charlene then and now

There are makeovers and then there are princess makeovers …… and goodness knows, we’re all for a little touch up here and there, a teeny tweak slash freshen up, a prudent use of a softly hued Insty filter …… call it what you will team, but … [Read more...]

Princess Report: Flashback Friday

FF charles and di

  1981 was a seminal year in more ways than one ….. we ushered in a new era in space flight with the launch of NASA’s reusable Space Shuttle Columbia; the term “internet” was first coined and Ronald Reagan became the 40th President … [Read more...]

Princess Report #219

Torvill and Dean Bolero

Was it really twenty..... ermmm …… thirty years ago on Valentine’s Day 1984 that two little known British ice dancers held their blades off the ice in Sarajevo for 18 seconds before skating their way hauntingly, beautifully, romantically and … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

warnie and shazza

It's been a while team, so let's have some Friday fun with a flashback from November 2011..... Princess Report *WWW Update*: Back to our Warnie Wedding Wednesday Special Series. As one of the team so kindly reminded us, our dear Warnie has in fact … [Read more...]

Princess Report #218

George christening

As the entire universe now knows, little Prince George Wotsi of Wotsi (okay, okay ….. Alexander Louis of Cambridge) was christened at St James’s Palace last week and we too would be pulling a similarly unamused face if we had to don a cream … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Warnie 220711

Shurley have been on the quiet side of late, so at the end of a tres busy week let’s *pop* the Bolly and stir things up with a #repost from July 2011 …… have a safe and happy weekend gorgeous peeps xxx Princess Report *Flashback Friday*: … [Read more...]

Princess Report #216

Harper Wintour

Mmmmmm-kay *scratching heads* when was the last time you actually saw veritable Vogue editrix Anna Wintour crack a full on proper smile, you know the kind, when your mouth miraculously turns slowly subtly upward and your eyes glisten and glint with … [Read more...]

Princess Report #RoyalBabyWatch


Seems we’re not the only ones on RBW if what The Sun is reporting about the love child of a Brit rock star turns out to be true …. (nothing better to knock a story off the front page than a royal birth). The Twittersphere is alive and well with … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Catherine Oxenberg

Imagine this scenario …… it is the eve of 27 July 1981, the night before the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, and you are standing with Prince Andrew on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. At the tender age of 18, you are three … [Read more...]