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Lashing Out


My 11 year old son has the most amazingly long, eye-catching eye lashes.  Not surprisingly he get comments.  Usually from female shop assistants, waitresses or flight attendants.  They generally vary from adoration to envy. Why indeed does a … [Read more...]

We announce the winner of our Dermalogica Comp


CONGRATULATIONS to Jacqueline Fernley the winner of our Dermalogica Competition! We received so many wonderful skin health secrets. Here are a few of our favourites: "The secret to beautiful skin isn’t about a product its about lifestyle. Eight … [Read more...]

Share your skin health secrets


We all have secrets.  Some of them we share....others we keep to ourselves and there’s nothing wrong with that.  At the DailyGloss we’ve always shared our skin care secrets but we decided it was high time our readers did the same.  So over … [Read more...]

Princess Report #213


      It seems everyone who is anyone is in ol’ Blighty atm and most of them were at weddings on the weekend. Across the land, from the majestic halls of Somerset’s Sparkford Inn to the sprawling grounds of Alnwick Castle … [Read more...]

What to do with those Winter Wrinkles

Winter Wrinkles Girl Thumb

Ever asked yourself why a moisturiser that seemed to work fine during the summer months suddenly doesn't pack much punch when the winter months roll around?  It's pretty instantaneous too - so you go to bed one night looking all young and fantastic, … [Read more...]

Want Professional Looking Hair?

professional hair thumb

I have always been jealous of women with straight or smooth wavy hair.  I confess my envy is rooted in my post collegiate job interviews when I was packed into a stuffy wood panelled meeting room of  a Wall St investment bank with "the … [Read more...]

Aurelio Costarella’s Retro hair takes a modern twist with Goldwell

aurelio costarella backstage

Australian fashion veteran Aurelio Costarella returned to his roots partnering with salon colour specialists Goldwell to complement his SS2013/14 collection appropriately themed "Retrospect".  After 30 years in the industry Costarella was looking to … [Read more...]

Want great skin? These Vitamim Serums Can Help

great skin

I am mildly obsessed with skin care.  That means I DON'T spend thousands of dollars getting invasive treatments or on high end skin care products but I DO spend a lot  of time researching the science behind what will make a difference.   In … [Read more...]

Brow Guru Jazz Pampling On How to Nurture Your Brow

Jazz Pampling hannah FT head shot thumb

I was still a very young ugly duckling when my Aunt (who happened to be a fashion model at the time) begged my mother to have a go at tweezing my eyebrows.  Being of Italian origin, I had (have) two very thick dark slabs of hair which - according to … [Read more...]

Suzie Hoitink: Beauty & the Businesswoman

Suzie Hoitink image

When I first meet Suzie Hoitink, founder of Clear Complexions I can't stop staring.  I'm looking for a spot, a blemish, a flake or wrinkle....nothing...she really has the most amazing skin.  But it wasn't always like this, as  a young girl Suzie … [Read more...]