The Omnivore World Tour
O is for Omnivore as Good Food Month kicks off in Sydney
Why the rush to usher out the cold? Head to Thredbo for some off piste adventures
Head for the Hills (Surry Hills that is) for a bit of Apres Ski Action
When the corporate offsite turn into career catastrophe

Beauty Featured

Activate your skin

great skin

I have long suspected that there was a connection between physical aging and physical activity and so I was not at all surprised to read reports of a McMaster University study that connected frequent exercise with younger looking skin.  … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

Diana Emerald Choker

  We do so love a reason to revisit the hedonistic 80s so let’s take a lazy stroll back to those halcyon days when Melbourne’s Southern Cross Hotel was the epitome of style and sophistication, hosting Presidents, movie stars, Brownlows, … [Read more...]

Princess Report *Flashback Friday*

charlene then and now

There are makeovers and then there are princess makeovers …… and goodness knows, we’re all for a little touch up here and there, a teeny tweak slash freshen up, a prudent use of a softly hued Insty filter …… call it what you will team, but … [Read more...]

Princess Report: Flashback Friday

FF charles and di

  1981 was a seminal year in more ways than one ….. we ushered in a new era in space flight with the launch of NASA’s reusable Space Shuttle Columbia; the term “internet” was first coined and Ronald Reagan became the 40th President … [Read more...]

Last Minute Christmas Gifting?

Style Rocks Cocktail Ring

I did consider doing all of my shopping online in November.  But the weeks somehow slipped by and the next thing I knew it was December!  Yikes!  Where did the time go?  Now - as any last minute Christmas shopper will tell you the key to … [Read more...]

La Prairie Lifestyle Lounge


I don’t think anyone will dispute the fact that December is a crazy month. Wrapping up the calendar year while wrapping up presents, there’s always a thousand things happening and it can get a little exhausting. One almost needs a few days mental … [Read more...]

Getting ready for the races?

races thumb

Ok so it's not THAT kind of race...but let's face it race day is KIND of like a competition - even though it's not you doing running.  By now the hat/shoes/handbag and dress should be sorted which means it's time to talk beauty.  Whether you … [Read more...]

Hair: How to make changes for the better

ShowPony Before & After small

Earlier this year I cracked open a fortune cookie, "You will make changes for the better" it read.  The message came at an odd time for me.  The past five years languishing in the financial market doldrums have been gruelling.  Although I had … [Read more...]

Princess Report #217: The Smoochball…..

Claire and Felix

Whilst we’ve been ever so slightly distracted by all matters Shurley related, there has been much princessy fabulousity across the land for us to cover …… so away we go to the Villa Rothschild Kempinski in Germany, where Prince Felix of … [Read more...]

Lashing Out


My 11 year old son has the most amazingly long, eye-catching eye lashes.  Not surprisingly he get comments.  Usually from female shop assistants, waitresses or flight attendants.  They generally vary from adoration to envy. Why indeed does a … [Read more...]