Princess Report *Bathurst Special*

Time to unleash your inner bogan (or boganaire, depending on your financial status) team! It’s the 50th year of Bathurst and we’re glued to the tv and loving it …. well *erm* actually, we have to admit we’ve been a Holden princess since we were just a teeny tacker, watching the great race with our beloved Papa (his company sponsored the undisputed King of the Mountain, Peter Brock, so we had a vested family interest). There are so, so many amazing champions and fabulous stories around Bathurst. But it is perhaps seven time winner Jim Richards’ 1992 triumph that reverberates in our minds most (maybe for the wrong reasons). Richards, driving a Nissan, had led all day but the unpredictable Bathurst weather caused havoc and he crashed in appalling conditions. Crowd favourite Dick Johnson, driving a Ford Sierra, assumed the lead. However, the race had to be stopped for safety reasons and the results were declared at the end of the last completed lap, which was before Richards’ accident. Mayhem and absolute chaos ensued with Richards and his co-driver, a young Mark Skaife, being loudly booed onto the podium by the ferociously bi-partisan crowd (it was only in 1999 that the race became solely the domain of Ford and Holden). Richards infamously gave it back, with interest we might add: “In all my years of racing in Australia, I’ve never seen anything like this. You’re all a pack of a***holes”.


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