Princess Report #192

Sometimes, some days you just need that little pick me up, that little je ne sais quoi that idly lifts you out of your mid-week morning malaise ….. and you know you’re simply NOT going to get it from watching Brad Pitt spruiking for Chanel No 5 either. As we read somewhere, this is akin to Honey Boo Boo becoming the new face of Hermès. If you want to know what disaster smells like, then go ahead and cringe your way through 30 seconds of sheer torture as a dowdy looking Brad ponders life’s metaphysical conundrums whilst mumbling away on the inevitability of something or other. We’re struggling to imagine why Mr Jolie-Pitt would need $7m badly enough to do something as reputation slaughtering as this …. he should have stuck to the rules here about making idiotic commercials for a bit of coin and gone off and done it in Japan. Luckily for us though, we can take great pleasure from our beautiful Princess’s recent visit to Newcastle and the joy she brought to so many, including this extremely excited and gorgeous little girl. Isn’t the look on her face just too crazy cute!? Wishing everyone a fabulous and happy Wednesday xo


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