Princess Report #191

On a slightly meh Melbs morning let’s go to one of our European Crown Princesses for a little badass leather inspired inspirational indulgence! When the beautiful and intelligent Maxima Zorreguieta met Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands at a party in Seville in 1999, it seemed we had another royal fairy tale on our hands. Then it emerged that Maxima’s father had served in the Argentinian regime of the 70s and the couple was engulfed in controversy. The wedding was ultimately given the go ahead though sadly Maxima’s father was not to be present. When first facing reporters, the ever gracious and honest Maxima spoke candidly: “As a daughter I find it terrible that my father won’t be there, but that’s the way it is, and I understand the feelings of the Dutch on the question”. In honour of her heritage, a beautiful Argentine tango was played during the ceremony and it is said silent tears rolled down her face. Fast forward ten years and three gorgeous daughters (the Princesses Catharina-Amalia, Alexia and Ariane, affectionately known as the “A Team”) and there is no doubt that the Dutch have been totally won over by their bubbly and vibrant Crown Princess. Maxima also has at her disposable one of the most deliciously fabulous jewel collections (after HM of course) in all of Europe. It includes the insanely stunning Diamond Bandeau Tiara which is made up of 27 enormous rose cut diamonds set on a platinum wire frame. The diamonds were a present from the Dutch people to Queen Emma in 1879 and were converted to a tiara in 1937 by Queen Juliana (Willem-Alexander’s grandmother). The tiara is unusual in that it has no other settings but the sheer size and brilliance of those diamonds is more than adequate in our view! Le sigh…… how we wish all our headbands looked just like this……


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