Princess Report #190

In case you missed it team, Valandy tied the knot in a lavish ceremony (do celebs ever have non-lavish ceremonies?) on the weekend in downtown El Lay. And…. before you start moaning about how irrel this all is, you may, like us, have been wondering about the lack of J’Aaaaaaaaaaaton creations at the Gownlow recently. Well, the mystery is now solved, as the J’Aton boys were obviously too tres crazy busy with their pinking shears conjuring up this shredded greige doona (or would that be a Valance?!) number for Mrs Valandy to devote any of their precious time to our local gals. As for the frock, hmmmm, as one of our newer team members observantly noted (thanks Miss Ali!), it’s quite difficult to tell exactly where the dress ends and the granite stairs begin…… Some poor waiter at the reception is obvs missing part of his uniform right now, where else could Mr V have procured such an oddly cut jackay? On the plus side here, Hols does indeed look happy, isn’t a skeletor like most brides we see these days and those stairs are fabulously perfect for sorting out a, shall we say, delicate height imbalance…… and (joy!) is that an inbuilt trampoline in the background?


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