The greatness that motivates

I will never win gold.  Or silver.  Or bronze.

I don’t train to win marathons. Or fun runs. 

No matter how long or short.  It’s not for podium finishes. Or wreaths.  Or flowers.

I am not competing against world class athletes. Or local heroes. 

The competitor I face is much tougher.  I am the competition. 

I decide the course and  set the pace. I measure my success. 

So I know when I reach the finish line.  I know when I have won my race.

My reward is not in the medals.  Or the events. Or the glory.

My greatness is not one giant leap. 

It is a journey of small steps.

A journey that begins with breaking the mindset of no and ends with the realisation of yes.

It is silencing the doubts. It is putting my shoes on. 

It is getting out on the road or in the gym.  It is running further.  Or faster.  Or harder.

I don’t train to win marathons. Or fun runs.

I don’ train for glory. 

I train for greatness.


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