Princess Report *Warnie Wedding Wednesday Update*

Tis a sad, sad day Team….. Whilst we’ve oft been quoted as saying that our dear beloved Warnie is only a spiked Louboutin/Fendi baguette/punch in the face from a jilted husband/whatevs away from morphing into his girlfriend meets Sam Newman, we’ve also not surprisingly learned that most Australians still really love Shane Warne. Why, you may ask? Well ….. for all his posh new bffs, perm-a-ttached aviators, slicked lips and tricked up wardrobe, Warnie’s gift has always been that he has never actually acted like the famous peeps he hangs with, give or take a bit of over-zealous tanning and elaborate dentistry of course. Alas …. we can now safely say that Elizabeth’s work here is done, the transformation is completely complete. As the now Mr Hurley tweeted from the front row of Cavalli at Milan Fashion Week, we sadly pondered the evolution from beer swilling bogan to backstage milling metrosexual and Vogue kindly pointed out that you really couldn’t make this one up if you tried ….. (on a side note, we have the pink princessy version of that t-shirt “Save Water, Drink Champagne”, a birthday present one of our bffs a few years back). Happy Wednesday Everyone xxx


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