Princess Report *Trend Alert*

One of our very gorgeous team members rather sweetly asked us our thoughts on the “bedlam” look the other day …… she’d actually typed “pedlum”, meant “peplum” and we’d subconsciously read “bedlam” which really does accurately sum up the whole “vomited up a rainbow” look going on in fashion atm. Clashing prints, pastel neons, asymmetric geometrics, peplum pastels, sporty deluxe, relaxed fitted …… open any of the glossies right now and prepare yourself to be confronted by a veritable kaleidoscope of beyond retina searing colour and clash. To put it simply, when it comes to some trends, unless you are 6ft and blessed with the body of a malnourished prepubescent praying mantis, it truly is in your (and everyone else’s) best interest to ignore the overenthusiastic ravings of various high profile editors/bloggers/whatevs and give the whole look a wide, wide berth. Here’s a fresh and pretty Princess Eugenie presenting medals at the Paralympics in a totes, totes unforgiving Peter Pilotto geometric print dress …… and then the same dress on the runway (Lordy ….. it’s so NAGL when even the model looks large in it). As for the AMAZING efforts of all the Paralympians, the world’s best and most inspirational PT summed it up quite purrrrrfectly: “For all you people who make excuses not to exercise, watch the Paralympics and if that doesn’t give you the motivation and inspiration to get moving then nothing will.”


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