Princess Report *Monday Musings*

With the ever entertaining Gownlow red carpet to look forward to tonight, we remember some of the more *a-hem* interesting gowns to grace the Palladium …… In 2004 a relatively unknown sweet but boring little poppet nearly wore this hideous Ruth Tarvydas monstrosity (along with a kilometre and a half of Hollywood tape) as her boyfriend duly collected the Brownlow medal (who really cared though as we were all wondering how she managed to sit down in that thing). Fast forward a few years and a young lass by the name of Brynne Gordon literally burst (busted?) onto the Melebrity scene in a similarly slashed number. Both were quite literally eye-gaugingly awful …… howevs, the Twiglet was roundly applauded for displaying so much skin at the time whilst Brynne (who earned herself the moniker of “Flash” Gordon that Brownlow eve) was widely derided and appeared on all the worst dressed lists and will forever more. Ahhhhh ….. the double standard here does make us truly grimace as both dresses are HIDEOUS to the moon and stars and back again and if you take the time to break it down to basics, the only real difference here is that Brynne has those ample bazoobies…..


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