Princess Report #189

You’ve just gotta luv these two don’t you? In the face of adversity, they simply soldier on, stiff upper lip and gorgeous smiles all round ….. the show must go on! And how crazy cuteness is our Princess’s dress here? Apparently Kate had another outfit lined up for last night’s banquet in the Solomons, however when the couple arrived in their room, laid out on the bed were some gorgeous gifts from their hosts. Kate decided she liked this pretty tropical batik print frock more than her original choice and promptly paired it with what looks like a new go-to fave wedge, her Stuart Weitzman ‘Minx’ espadrilles (we do so love!). Wills took a shine to his gift as well, you can spy his rather festively bright blue shirt in the background here. Our Prince and Princess really do go about their lives with the most fabulous and humble grace and style, it’s easy to see why nearly 70,000 locals turned out to welcome them (which is rather tremendous considering the population of the islands is only 552,000). William spoke at the banquet and said: “This land is the most beautiful place imaginable, and the people of the Solomon Islands are amongst the most gracious and friendly we have ever met. Catherine and I were overwhelmed with the warmth of the reception we received this afternoon. Our expectations were pretty high after what the Queen had told us, but nothing had prepared us for the welcome we received.”


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