Princess Report #188

Our Prince and Princess are in tropical South East Asia this week as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Tour. And so far Ka—- soz, Catherine, has managed to keep her hair relatively frizz-free (no small feat in the tropics, even beautiful Princesses are subject to the elements), look noticeably rounder of face and tummy (although our tummies look like that after half a glass of wine), drink only water even for official toasts and generally has had the press corps abuzz with the potential news of a royal bun in the proverbial oven. Or, maybe she’s just being the awesome sister-in-law we know she is and giving them all something else to bang on about other than Harry’s latest hi-jinks? Either way, our Princess is truly looking lovely here with her parasol and her handsome Prince, no? On their last official engagement in Singapore, the duo paid a solemn visit to the Kranji Memorial where they laid a wreath on behalf of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The Memorial bears the names of more than 24,000 Commonwealth casualties from the Second World War. The simple message on the wreath read “In Memory Of The Glorious Dead, Elizabeth R and Philip”.


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