Dessert recipe: Cappuccino Souffle

My mother used to make this cappuccino souffle many years ago when we lived in the South of France.  It was for a long time one of her signature desserts and a favourite of mine. 

I was recently given a bottle of Illy Illyquore coffee liqueur and thought I might dust off her old recipe and give it a try.  I have to admit, nothing I make tastes as good as when my mother makes it – but making this souffle did bring back some wonderful memories (and impressed my kids too).  As a coffee lover, I’m not a fan of coffee desserts – but this is my one exception.  For the multi tasker – this is a great way to have your coffee and eat it too!


For the Souffle

4 1/2 Tbs Unsalted butter

4 1/2 Tbs Plain flour

1 Tbs instant expresso

1 1/2 Cups hot milk

6 Egg yolks

1/3 Cup of coffee liqueur

8 Egg whites

1/2 Cup of caster sugar

Ground cinnamon

For the Souffle Sauce

1 Cup of milk

2 Tbs instant expresso

1/4 Cup of sugar

3 Egg yolks beaten

1/4 Cup coffee liqueur

To make the souffle, but and sugar one souffle bowl or 6 souffle ramekins – if necessary fit ramekins with a collar using baking paper.  On low heat, melty the butter and add the flour blend together with a whisk.  Cook for two minutes.  Constantly stirring, add milk and coffee and cook until mixture thickens.  Remove from heat and add the egg yolks one at a time, continuing to whisk, then add the liqueur and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  In a separate bowl beat egg whites until stiff.  Slowly fold the egg whites into the coffee mixture ensuring it is incorporated.  Spoon mixture into ramekins or souffle bowl and bake at 190°C (375° F) for approximately 15 minutes. 

While the souffle is in the oven, make the souffle sauce.   Heat the milk, coffee and sugar in a saucepan until sugar is dissolved.  Add beaten egg yolks and stir over medium heat until sauce thickens.  Add the coffee liqueur.

When souffle is done, serve with the sauce over the top.


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