Getting ready for a fit & fresh summer

This past weekend the Northern Hemisphere put summer to bed.   They packed away their tees and shorts, folded up their frilly beach cover-ups and bade bye-bye to their bikinis (for a while at least).  Sadly for those Northern dwellers that fresh summer glow is soon to be a distant memory……

Of course, just as summer departs the North it begins its journey down South – and though it’s not yet arrived in Sydney, over the past few weeks it has signalled its arrival with long bursts of sunshine.   For me the unseasonably warm weather has highlighted a pallid complexion, the result of months of winter hibernation (chocolate), and set the fitness alarm bells ringing.

Yes the time has arrived for the annual summer audit of things one must do, products one must try and buy over the next few months to get that glow back into the cheeks, shed those extra winter kilos and firm up that flab. 

In terms of the “must do” fitness should be at the top of most lists.  I know it’s hard to get back into exercise – but think about it as the ultimate beauty booster.  Not only does it get the blood flowing, I find that after a good work-out my skin looks fresh and toned. 

Going for a lunchtime run or power walk is a great way to get your colour back, boosting your vitamin D levels and keeping your mind active.  Just take care with those UV rays wear a sun block.  Another great way to get moving is taking your bike out when you have small errands like posting a letter, picking up the newspaper or going for the bread and milk run. 

In terms of the “must buy”  make-up can be key to helping your skin make the transition from winter, to spring and summer.  I recently discovered Clinique’s Stay Matte oil free make up.   The soft matte finish provides a natural looking foundation which transforms pallid and pale skin into a toned, fresh and poreless complexion.  It’s extended wear properties withstands extreme heat and humidity, with 16 shades on offer you can wear this product all the way through summer. 

For those who wear foundation while exercising, this product is both shine absorbing and wont clog your pores – so even if you are going run, a walk or a bicycle your skin will stay flawless and fresh looking.  

Prepping the skin is also key.  Again, I go back to Clinique, the inventors of the 3 Step process which advocates, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising.   Getting rid of that winter layer and allowing the skin to rejuvenate is key to making sure your skin is the freshest.  For the ultimate skin re-boot book  yourself in for a deep cleansing facial.

Finally, focus on food.  I always try to eat with the season and summer is the season of berries and stone fruits, oranges and lemons.  All of these contain powerful anti-oxidants and vitamin C which can help feed your skin from the inside and provide the best chance of looking great on the outside.


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