Tips to keep you motivated for weight loss

As we get busier and busier, as a whole we have become lazier and lazier with our food choices. We have fast food restaurants (I use that word loosely) almost on every corner. We have lost sight of what a good meal is, and world wide we are paying the price. The worlds obesity rate is frightening! By 2030 world wide there could be 1 BILLION obese people.

There seems to be this common belief that if you hop on a treadmill and run for a period of time, you’ll loose weight… its just not how the body works. Weight loss is 70-80% Nutrition (depending on your sources). You can do a mammoth work out but if your eating all the wrong things, its not going to make a significant difference. It will maintain your weight but you won’t loose any. So… here are just 3 tips to get you on your way and 5 easy snacks

1) Make realistic weight loss goals for short and long term.

Set yourself a goal of say 5kg’s in 6-7 weeks. Then when you have achieved that, set your self another 5kg’s in the same time frame. By having a realistic goals, you are less likely to feel depressed about the weight you are loosing!

2) Know what your triggers are.

That is what sets you off to go eat all the wrong things. Try and avoid where you can. Personally, its boredom – so I keep busy!

3) Plan your food for the day.

Make your lunch and mid morning snack, take it with you. When you get hungry, eat. That way when you walk past temptation, if your are not hungry…. you wont eat! Making healthy snacks is easy.

  •  Pin Wheels

Ham –  100g light ham KR Darling Downs, Shaved, Lean,

CHO –  2.0g, PTN – 17.0g, FAT – 2.0g

Weight watchers – Cottage Cheese 100g

CHO –  4.0g , PTN – 12.5g, FAT – 2.5

TOTAL  –  CHO 6.0g, PTN  29.5g, FAT 4.5g.

Drain any liquid out of Cottage Cheese – Place Cottage Cheese in Ham and roll into pin wheels. Can place in make night before and store in tupper-wear container in fridge.

 Celery Sticks and Cottage Cheese with Chives

1 Cup of Celery  CHO- 1.3g, PTN- 0.4g, FAT – 0.1g

2 tbs Weight watchers Cottage Cheese CHO – 1.4g, PTN – 3.5g, FAT – 1.0g

3g chopped Fresh raw chives – CHO 0.1 g, PTN – 0.0g, FAT – 0.0g

 Total – CHO – 1.8g, PTN – 3.9g, FAT – 1.1g

Cut celery into small sticks, mix chives into cottage cheese – and dip!

 Turkey Roll

1 Slice Mountain Barley Bread  – CHO –  13.6g, PTN 1.8g, FAT – 0.3g

100g Primo Turkey light shaved CHO –  4.7g PTN- 18.8g, FAT 2g

100g  Chris’s light Hommus CHO –  17.6g,, PTN – 6.1g, FAT – 8.8g

Hard boiled egg white CHO –  0.1g, PTN – 4.0g, FAT – 0.0g

TOTAL – CHO- 36g, PTN-30.6g, FAT 11.1g

Spread Hommus onto Mountain Barley Bread, place Turkey and sliced egg on bread and roll, cut into bite size pieces!

 Corn thins and Chicken

2 x soy & linseed corn thins CHO – 9.0g, PTN – 1.2g, FAT – 0.4g

50g Chris’s light Hommus  CHO- 8.8g, PTN – 3.0g, FAT – 4.4g

50g Light shaved chicken Breast CHO – 1.8g, PTN – 8.5g, FAT – 0.45g

Total – CHO – 19.4g, PTN – 12.7g, FAT – 5.25g

 Spread Hommus onto corn thins and place shaved chicken breast.

Yogurt and Cashew Nuts

1 serve – Yoplait for me – Classic Cheesecake flavour  – CHO 10.0g, PTN – 6.8g, FAT – 0.4g

15g Cashew nuts raw  CHO – 5.5g, PTN – 2.75g, FAT- 6.6g

Total CHO – 15.5g, PTN – 9.55, FAT – 7g

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  1. Nice information.Really helpful. As this article says its true that the amount of obese people is frightening. Try to make weight loss goal as a long term goal. Drink lot of water, do meditations regularly and do regular exercise. But do not stop doing this. Terminating the practice of regular physical exercise tends to increase in obesity. Thanks.

    • Mandy Riordan says:

      Spot on Acai, Both go together. Even incidental exercise can make a huge difference. Walking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to train station, or shops instead of driving. It all counts!

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