Sarah DeBono Launches Betts Shoes Digital Mag

Fashion and Beauty Bloggers, online paparazzi  and media were among an intimate crowd invited to Double Bay’s Pelicano to celebrate the launch of Betts Shoes Online Digital Magazine “The Edit” tonight (

Betts Shoes Brand Ambassador Sarah DeBono was also on hand to help kick off the launch.  Sporting some serious Betts “Blue Heelage” Sarah’s  fire red mane and sparkly Smurf blue eye shadow screamed Lichtenstein print.  Her “comic book” look was accentuated with fluorescent orange and yellow block styling.  

The popular Voice star entertained the crowd  with her latest hit single, “Beautiful” and the first song she performed on the program, Jessie J’s  “PriceTag”. 

With over 150 years of history in Australia and originating out of Perth, WA the Betts brand has an established, loyal following.   The launch of The Edit magazine is part of extending Betts Shoes into the lucrative online e-commerce space.  That “Team Betts”  have paired this launch with a fabulous range of spring styles makes me think that like thier Brand Ambassador, Ms De Bono, they are onto a winner.


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