Princess Report #186

A mah-jor shout out to our beyond gorgeous San Francisco correspondent, the ever fabulous arbiter of all things style related Stateside, Charles Porch (aka the Porch Report) for this one …… Proving it’s not all diamonds, tiaras, liveried footmen and horse drawn carriages over in the House of Windsor, the Queen works her bad girl image, driving around in, of all things, a hoodie! Interesting royal fact #22,250,169: The Queen is the only person in the UK who does not need a licence and she is also not obliged to have registration plates on her vehicles (which would be rather handy in avoiding those pesky speed cameras on Eastlink, non?). The Queen can also never fall foul of the law for misdemeanours like not wearing a seatbelt. British courts are established on behalf of the reigning Monarch, which essentially means that the Queen is the prosecution in all cases and, as anyone who has ever watched an episode of Law & Order: UK would be across, cannot therefore also be the defendant. The vagaries of the British judicial system aside, as noted by Charles, the Queen in a hoodie does kinda make your day …. Happy Wednesday Everyone xxx


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