We’ve all felt it, your walking down the street and you see this woman, she’s like a Goddess. Fit, tanned, perfectly shaped legs, butt and boobs. Immediately you think… B!#ch!
Granted, genetics prohibit us mere mortals looking anything like that woman, but don’t let that get you down! Don’t believe celebrities or any other person who says… “No I don’t exercise and I find it really hard to put on weight (OK if you’re in your 20’s that may be the case… ┬áp.s warning it will catch up to you!). Looking fit IS hard work, it does require getting sweaty, it does require looking a little less glamourous. However, this is short term. Don’t focus on what others are doing in the gym or out in the park. Focus on your game, your goals. The results will speak for themselves, you’ll feel healthier, look younger, have more energy. Looking good is about confidence, you feel good about yourself and it will show. Soon you’ll be that woman with your head high walking down the street and someone is looking at you thinking B!#ch… and maybe you’ll inspire her so throw on some runners and change her life!


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