Princess Report *Latest Lust-Have*

Friday saw the global launch of our latest luxe lust-have, the incredibly seductively bottled Coco Noir, the third in the series after 1984’s sumptuous Coco and 2001’s audaciously vibrant Mademoiselle. To weave his perfume story, Chanel’s master perfumer Jacques Polges looked to the exquisite baroque and Byzantine beauty of Venice, which was where Gabrielle Chanel escaped in 1919 after the sudden death of her lover Boy Capel, subsequently falling under the city’s charm. The perfume blogosphere has been eagerly awaiting the launch of Noir only it seems to be almost unanimously disappointed by Chanel’s latest offering. Perhaps it is a case of the magic of marketing not quite meeting the realities of the fragrance however after road testing our new bottle (and how beyond to die is that flacon, reason alone to add to your collection), we have to say that this is a beautifully constructed, elegant and totally gorgeous fragrance. Of course, the use of words like baroque and Byzantine to characterise the scent naturally evokes an expectation of unmitigated opulence and extravagance and not the ladylike restraint we have encountered. Coco Noir is destined to be extremely popular, popularity being a double edged sword in the fragrance world, however perfume is big business and Chanel definitely do not wish to make a niche fragrance that is only sold in a few hard to find specialty stores in the 16th arrondissement. And, if you have ever turned your nose up and sniffed derisively at the mention of a celebrity scent (we have!), just think of the marketing power of Kim Kardashian and her squillions of Twitter followers who will eagerly purchase her latest (dare we say it) signature perfume, making its creators a cool fortune in the process ….. the scenario will certainly not appeal to the elitist in us but it will to the economist! Anyhoo…… we digress…… so let’s go to the iconic Coco herself for the final word for today: “Fashion changes, but style endures”.


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