Need a holiday from your holiday? Take an extra week for only $1

It’s calling you…can you hear it?

Does this sound familiar?  You spend months planning for the ultimate relaxation holiday.  You pick the most serene place, maybe it’s a Queensland Resort or some sumptuous Balinese retreat.  In the week before you leave, you put in the extra hours briefing  your colleagues handing over your files.  Then you’re up until mid-night getting your bags together,  booking your taxi, organising for your neighbour to pick up the mail and feed your fish – or your cat or whatever needs feeding. 

The next day you’re up a dawn to wait for the taxi.  A few hours later you are on the plane.  Maybe it takes one hour – or maybe four – but whatever the travel time – when you get there you feel well not quite completely relaxed.  In fact, it may take you a couple of days to finally ignore the emails and it’s not really until day three of your holiday that you know you feel like “yep, I’m relaxing….”.

If you are like me, you hit day four and you realise: “wow I really only have two days left after this” – because let’s face it – who relaxes on the day they go home?   The next thing you know you’re back in the office, putting out fires, or at home feeding the cat, or doing your laundry and you know what you’re are thinking?  That’s right!…. you are thinking: “I need a holiday – to recover from my holiday…..”

So what if you could get that extra week off work – don’t you think it would be cool to take two weeks instead of the one?  Yep I know, can’t afford an extra week….well apparently, you CAN….IF you book one of a range of holidays on offer by Viva Holidays you can stay the extra week for a total cost of $1.00.

Experiences include everything from beach-breaks that will totally relax you or if you have been dying to splash out how about a shopping trip or exotic destination that will delight the senses.  With Viva Holidays you can get away with the girls, or spend the extra time you wanted to re-connecting your long lost mate….or sharing a few extra moments with mum…..

Destinations include, Fiji, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vanuatu and Samoa….

Do as little or as much as you please….to make a booking, visit your local travel agent, call 1300 GO VIVA (1300 468 482) or visit

That way won’t need a holiday from your holiday…….

This post was brought to you by Viva! Holidays


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