TOP SECRET: I’m on a mission

By day, I am a working mum.  I make sandwiches.  I bake cakes.  I supervise school work. ….but in the afternoons, by night and at times in the early hours of the morning I have another life. 

I am….. a secret agent.  My missions arrive from HQ in grey briefcases or manila envelopes marked TOP SECRET.  If I choose to accept them, these missions require both physical effort and mental strength.  They require specialised equipment of the highest quality and cutting edge technology.  Like GPS tracking devices and materials developed by NASA. 

To the naked eye this equipment looks completely harmless – like running shoes, watches, spray jackets – but don’t be fooled – in the hands of a trained agent these are powerful tools.

They call me Agent06.   If you see me running down the street, you may think I’m just going for a casual afternoon jog, but I’m not. 

I am part of a network of agents.  An underground movement.  A covert operation. 

I’m on a mission.  I’m running for my city.  I’m running for my country. 

But most importantly, I’m running for my life.

Operation Nike+.

Game On!

Go Sydney.  Go Team Aussie!



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