Social Media Celebrates International Mandela Day

The butterfly effect.  Ever heard of it?  That’s when one small event, one seemingly teensy weensy happening sets off a chain reaction a series of events – a cascade of dominos that changes lives forever.  In 1962 the arrest of anti-Apartheid campaigner Nelson Mandela and his subsequent jailing for some 27 years was instrumental in changing an entire nation.  Today, at 91 years of age Nelson Mandela is not only South Africa’s butterfly, globally he is a symbol of change and an example of how one person can indeed make a difference.  So it’s no surprise that today – his birthday – is celebrated not only in South Africa but all over the world with International Mandela Day. 

Not surprisingly quite a few groups are marking his birthday with social media initiatives that are targeted at changing lives.   For example over the past few weeks South African Tourism Australia has been running a Facebook competition in which participants were asked to contribute their most inspiring quotes on their page.   

Another initiative is Dermalogica’s FITE campaign which is a call out for support of their Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship (FITE) program that helps empower women in developing countries by providing access to small loans and setting them on the path to financial independence.

Dermalogica and it’s partner in this initiative  Kiva ( have set a target to assist some 25,000 women through the FITE campaign and so far they have helped just under 20,000.   Leading thinkers in social development, including the World Bank, have supported change-making initiatives like FITE.  This is because many recognise the power women have in influencing societal outcomes.  Investing in women has been shown to have a positive effect on society, leading to improved health and education. 

To celebrate International Mandela Day, Dermalogica are asking people to visit to help them direct the loans they provide to a woman entrepreneur.  No need to donate, just follow the prompts, choose your entrepreneur (we chose Rosie) and credit Australian Beauty Bloggers as your joinFITEteam. 

So come on everyone get your wings on….you can be a butterfly too!


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