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Daily Gloss Goes Backstage At TV’s Biggest Talent Contest…

After eight weeks, 128 contestants and an impressive array of lavish designer dresses for Delta Goodrem – Queen of soul Karise Eden has officially Seal-ed the deal to be crowned the first ever winner of ‘The Voice Australia!’

And while thousands put their Monday night plans on hold to stay in and glue themselves to the TV – Daily Gloss was lucky enough to bag a front row seat at the show itself!

Check out all the behind-the-scenes gossip from the hotly-anticipated finale below… 

The Delta Show

With the help of a gloriously glam gold gown and her own personal army of make-up artists, Delta made sure she shone on AND off the stage.

Despite her reputation as Australia’s sweetheart taking a bit of a beating lately thanks to critics slamming her “dull” judging skills, the singer seemed determined to up her admirers -especially with her new album tipped to drop very soon. While her fellow judges mostly stuck to their TV positions or nipped off backstage during the plentiful ad breaks- the songbird darted across the studio to pose for pics with as many fans as possible.

And even when the crew finally got her to her seat she continually waved and blew kisses to her adoring crowd. Obviously taking care not to smudge her lipstick of course.

Joel is HOT!

He may have a crazy obsession with colouring his hair (daily), more tattoos than we thought were humanly possible and a weird attachment to his toothpick – but in the flesh Joel Madden is one seriously HOT rocker!

And if his playful dancing and gushing comments about Australia didn’t woo the ladies in the crowd – then his heated performance with finalist Sarah DeBono should have done the trick!

In fact, the chemistry between the pair was almost as hot as the fake flames on stage. And the rockstar proved he’s a true gentleman at heart, helping the redhead off stage by carrying the end of her long-trailed dress.

Nicole Richie is one lucky lady!

Super-Sized Stars

They say the camera adds a good ten pounds – which is probably why Delta drew a good few gasps from the studio audience when she first stepped out on stage last night. Granted the hitmaker has never been on the large side, but judging by her fully exposed bony back, she appears to have had quite the Hollywood make-over since her time in the States.

Meanwhile, as well as adding a bit of a meat, the TV screens clearly add a few inches in stature too! Third place finalist Rachael Leahcar looked even tinier and doll-like than we expected, as did Aussie veteran and judge Keith Urban. Although with Delta and Darren Percival as their duet buddies – it’s little wonder…

Karise is Queen

While her rival finalists Rachael, Darren and Sarah DeBono are each undeniably talented – Karise proved she was truly worth of first place last night.

Her effortlessly amazing vocals, which run on par with the likes of the late Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin, speak for themselves. Not to mention her (somewhat predictable, yes, but also very touching) rags-to-riches story. And all at just 19 years old!

Plus, anyone who can put up with the super duper touchy-feely Seal as a coach is a winner in our books!  

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