Review – ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’

A-listers? Check! Eye candy? Check! Laughs-out-loud? Double check!

Ladies, if you’re after the ultimate feel-good girly rom-com to warm up the first official winter weekend – we’ve found the perfect recipe!

I have to admit ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ has been on my must-see movie wish list for AGES.

Not only was I super intrigued to see workout fanatic Cameron Diaz swap her famous six-pack for a GINORMOUS baby bump (prosthetic, yes, but oh so realistic!), but I’d been personally promised that it was “really great” by one of the flick’s leading heartthrob’s.

“It’s like ‘Love Actually,’” Chace Crawford told me during an interview for MTV Australia last month. “We had a blast.”

So with the stamp of approval from the Upper East Side’s favourite ‘Gossip Girl’ hottie, I grabbed a fellow chick-flick-loving girlfriend and eagerly booked us tickets for yesterday’s opening night, wondering if it could really compete with the genius that is ‘Love Actually,’ or even it’s almost-as-good followers ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘New Year’s Eve.’

“I hope this doesn’t make me want a baby,” whispered my cinema buddy as the lights dimmed. And while she later told it me it definitely did NOT, even she couldn’t resist some happy tears along the way!

So, as well as a few soppy moments, what else can you expect from the movie that sees some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Jennifer Lopez and Matthew Morrison, jammed on screen together?

Well, a big highlight for me (aside from drooling over Chace of course) was Elizabeth Banks’ frank and honest portrayal of the not-so-perfect pregnancy. As well as a very unladylike duck waddle and non-stop gas, she had the audience in stitches with her hilarious double act with her wing-woman, Aussie’s brilliantly funny Rebel Wilson.

But the pair, who make up one of five loosely interconnected baby-related stories, weren’t the only ones bringing on plenty of chuckling.

The too-cool-for-school Daddy gang, led by comedian Chris Rock, got it spot on, as did the ridiculously beautiful Brooklyn Decker, who, with her 100% cellulite free bikini bod, gave yummy mummy Miranda Kerr a run for her money for most glamorous ever baby bump!



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