Excellence Chocolate Marquise with A Touch of Sea Salt


I have one very important rule about chocolate: if it’s going on these thighs, it’s going to be high quality and if that means a few extra dollars, well so be it. If you look at it logically, this rule is actually virtuous.  Yes while it’s true you get less chocolate for your money, the emphasis on quality, not quantity is better for the waistline and the soul.

 Now if you are looking for a rich chocolate desert that is long on quality, the marquise is for you. A marquise is a rich, dense, mousse like confection that can even be served as a chocolate pate.  To fully experience the unique texture with something crunchy such as a chocolate wafer or thinly rolled toasted brioche for an amazing contrast, this  desert is best served at room temperature.

 The key ingredient in this recipe is Lindt Excellence Touch of Sea Salt which I’m afraid is my current chocolate addiction.  Luckily it falls within the rules!

 This recipe is from Thomas Schnetzler, Lindt’s Maitre Chocaltier

 Serves approx. 10

Preparation Time: 25 minutes plus setting time


250 g Lindt Excellence Touch of Sea Salt

175 g unsalted butter soft

75 g caster sugar                       

30 g high quality cocoa powder

4 each egg yolks (large)

55 ml water

225 g crème fraiche (or whipped cream)

 Gently melt the chocolate then set aside to cool slightly.*

 Place 130 grams of butter into the bowl of an electric mixer with a paddle attachment, and mix in half the sugar and cocoa powder until light. (This may take a couple of minutes.)

Lightly whip the crème fraiche and set aside.

 In a clean bowl, combine the remaining butter, sugar, water and egg yolks and place over a water bath.

 Warm to 70°C and whisk the mixture.

Place egg mixture into the bowl of an electric mixer, and with a whisk attachment, whip until mixture is light and cool.

 To combine the marquise, gently fold the chocolate into the butter and cocoa mixture.

With a whisk, mix in the egg mixture and lastly fold in the whipped crème fraiche.

Place mixture into a prepared dish, smooth top with a palate knife. Cover with cling-film and set in the fridge for two hours and serve at room temperature. Use a hot knife to cut into slices.

 Maitre’s Tip:

I prefer to use crème fraiche due to the tartness it adds that is a lovely contrast to the unique texture and flavour of the fleur de sel. However, you could replace this with whipped cream if you prefer a sweeter taste.



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