Brighten up your Days

Winter is well and truly upon us, the air is cold, the wind is strong and the rain is pouring. For most of us this means recoiling into hibernation, literally and through our wardrobes, often bringing on a case of the Winter blues. As the sun stops shining so do our colour choices, neutrals and blacks become commonplace and we see fewer and fewer hints of colour on the street. But just because the season calls for a cool down doesn’t mean our lives have to be void of colour – there are still one or two aspects in which we can make it pop!

At the gym – it’s all good in the hood!

The gym is the perfect place to tie in some colour, nobody wants to be depressed while they work out. And if you’re one of those super keen crazy people who still exercises outdoors in Winter, the Russell Athletic headphone hoody ($99.95) is just the item you’ve been looking for. With drawstrings that double as headphones, this functional and colourful jumper will really help you beat the chill – pun intended.

Fancy feet on the street

One simple way to brighten up your Winter neutrals is to add some colour to your feet. This is particularly true for those everyday run around activities, a pair cute sneakers or funky flats with a splash of colour can literally brighten your day. *And before you adjust your screen, these flats are a selection from the Crocs Winter women’s range. We will admit, we were surprised at first, but these jelly flats really have to be seen to be believed. Once you see first hand how cute and comfy they are, we’re sure you’ll be converted too!

  1. Just BEE – Chevell sneaker in fuchsia ($59.95)
  2. Just BEE – Chevell sneaker in lilac ($59.95)
  3. Just BEE – Chevell sneaker in blue ($59.95)
  4. Crocs – Kaydee flats in red ($49.99)
  5. Crocs – Carlisa flat in purple ($79.99)
  6. Crocs – Carlie flat in pink ($69.99)

Lounging around

Of course there is no better place to incorporate colour than at home, where you’ll spend the majority of the dreary days. Keep warm and stay cool with funky, bright ‘Sock Candy’ from Russell Athletic – who really don’t let the season affect their season’s palette and we love it!

So as you can see, there’s no need to feel blue! Add some colour to your day and don’t let the weather get to you.


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