Baby it’s cold outside

I love a crisp sunny winter’s day just as much as the next person, but I’m afraid I’ve never been a big fan of the colder seasons.  I’ll take a hot summers day over anything the other seasons have to offer.  I don’t know why I struggle so much here in Sydney.  As a New Yorker you would think I would have developed a tolerance for the cold – the reality is that I’m that person who complains when the air-conditioning is too high (or low?) and the one who turns the thermostat right up the minute it drops anything below 24°C (75°F).   

Over the years, I’ve developed a range of strategies to combat the cold.  Of course rugging up is essential to keep the chill from settling in and with the advent of online shopping you can gather your winter warmers sipping a hot chocolate by the fireside. 

 Alannah Hill has a range of snugly cardigans and jackets that are both practical and pretty check out her online shop at oh the last time I checked she had a sale on! 

I know not everyone loves fur – but really nothing keeps you warmer.  This Knit Rabbit Fur Coat from the team at Harry WHO will help you brave the coldest of winter days but there’s much more on offer at and yes all winter stock is 50% off at the moment!

If there is one redeeming feature about the colder weather it’s that I can pull on a pair of leather boots.  It should be no surprise that I love these Manhattan Brown Suede and Leather boots from Florsheim with free shipping on orders in Australia there’s no excuse for having cold feet. 

Colder temperatures can also play havoc with your skin.  One of my favourite winter beauty routines is taking a hot steamy shower to open the pores and warm up with Dermalogica’s Smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant.  With its unique thermal technology this product activates with water to deliver a warming facial.  I have to admit, I am addicted to this product which polishes and refines the skin while delivering a potent cocktail of line minimizing vitamins to the skin.  You can pick one up at and check out Dermalogica’s range of winter skin care products.

Hydration is also key during the winter months.  The team at Santorini Sun have a range of organic oils that help counteract the winter dry.  We recently sampled Santorini Sun’s Nature’s Lift Oil with some pleasing results.  Also if you want to get that summer’s glow Santorini Sun’s Australian organic self tanning and skin care brand founded by Paula Theodore offers an organic self tanning option – with a line of self tanning products that contain ONLY natural ingredients, and no DHA.  Shop the range at

Now if none of those suggestions appeal to you – I always find that in addition to turning up the thermostat nothing warms up a home like a candle.  There’s a fantastic range of soaps and candles on offer from the team at Sapone Soap – we’ve been enjoying this Casa Fresh Basil and Olive 50 hour soy candle.  Check out for Casa and other beautiful brands.


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