Accident prone? Blame it on Voodoo!

The other day my hubby and I were driving into the city when we very nearly had a serious accident. It seems he had been distracted by a particular advertisement on a bus that was speeding ahead in front of us.   What can I say…he’s a man…

Anyone who lives in and around Sydney will have recognised these provocative Ads which are both eye catching and seriously distracting! Were we to research number of accidents involving men running into busses, walking into poles or tripping over large park benches, I’m fairly certain the rate of injury would have sky rocketed since their placement in and around the Sydney CBD.

For anyone wondering wondering where all this black magic is coming from, the Ads are part of Voodoo’s recently launched social media campaign – which means you are also likely to trip over them the next time you browse the net. Oh and just in case you haven’t run into them, the team at Voodoo are throwing a bit of paydirt in to get you hooked. Voodoo is giving away two chances to win a $4000 Myer or DJ’s voucher to spend with the help of a personal shopper, and a $250 Visa Debit card for the winner and a friend to go out for dinner afterwards.

All you have to do is visit and tell them how you use your Voodoo!

So ladies, dust off that old spell book channel a bit of the dark side…entries close on the 31st July.


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