Nike’s She runs the night

There are things in life you have to do.  Goals you have to set.  Mountains you have to climb.  Someone once said if you really want to commit to something you must announce it to the world. 

A few months ago that’s what I did.  With the tiniest of tweets, I announced I would run 13K.   Initially, I thought no one had heard me. 

My training was woeful.  Only two kilometres at first…and second..and..third…and then suddenly I realized someone had heard me.  They said, “don’t give up”.  They said, “it’s all in your mind”.  They said, “just do it”.   And I did.

When I ran 4 kilometres I announced my success.  I knew I could reach 6 kilometres.   And I did.  They said, “keep going”.  They said, “you are going to make it”.  And then they said, “you inspire me”. 

They say with success comes responsibility.  Though my progress was small, I knew there was no backing out.  I had to do it. 

Days away from the race, I ran 9 kilometres.  They said, “awesome”.  They said, “well done”.  They said, “you can do it”.

I believed them.  So on May 3rd at 7pm I ran the night.  I danced to music.  I pumped my fists and I ran past each mile-marker.   They said, “celebrate”.  They said, “believe”.  They said, “finish line”.

I ran 13 kilometres in 1Hr 32 minutes.  It didn’t matter that I wasn’t first.  All that mattered was that I finished.

Just do it.


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