MBFWA SS2012 : Oroton delivers solid debut

If you were to ask Oroton CEO Sally MacDonald what’s next for the iconic Aussie brand I would expect the words “world domination” to emanate from her lips…she’d be both half joking and deadly serious.  The success of Oroton in the face of what has been an incredibly difficult environment for Australian retail brands has much to do with what I would call a confident, conservative but calculated approach to expanding the brand online, overseas and here at home. 

In the online world, Oroton was early to establish a successful e-tailing presence that for some years now has been streets ahead of other brand name retailers.  Acknowledging the importance of online media in global brand building, the team undoubtedly built a solid platform years ago which is paying dividends today.  Today you can buy Oroton from just about anywhere in the world online, but if you are wandering through some of the high end shopping centres in Malaysia or Singapore you will find bricks and mortar Oroton shopfront there too.   World domination doesn’t seem a dream too far. 

Here at home, the expansion of the brand into ready to wear has been on the cards for some time with Oroton retail shops sprouting discreet clothing racks of knitwear here and there.  Clearly, Sally MacDonald and designer Ana Maria Escobar have dipped toes in water and decided it’s safe to make the plunge.  Not surprisingly they decided, sharks aside, local waters are best which explains the decision behind officially debuting the collection at this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA SS2012). 

Speaking about the collection Ana Maria Escobar said her focus was on creating a collection for the modern Australian woman.   Hailing from South America, Escobar admitted there was some of her own heritage woven into the designs which featured vivid blue prints, soft pinks and bright oranges.  These were balanced with beige and stone toning, all very appropriate for the hot Aussie summers.   


As one would expect from Oroton, this was a very stylish but wearable and importantly commercial collection which I am sure will have broad appeal.    Those looking to purchase items from the show will have to wait until the collection hits the stores (both shopfront and online) – which we understand is due in June/July of this year.


Escobar, who is expecting her first child this year talked about the MBFW debut, “Showing at MBFWA has been an amazing experience and it is the perfect platform to showcase our first apparel collection combined with our accessories” said Ana Maria Escobar.   

 After such a successful delivery of the Oroton collection, we have no doubt she’ll have no troubles with the next.  Oh and for those of you ever hopeful of a kids collection, you will have to wait.  Like any sensible Mum the team at Oroton are taking it one step at a time….


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