MBFWA SS2012: Camilla’s enchanting tribal bling

First there were the kookaburras, then the didgeridoo, the cracking of a whip…could it be? Had I really made a wrong turn at the Opera house and suddenly landed in the Aussie outback?  The burning smell of incense tickled my nostrils..yes I was most definitely in the sun burnt country – but with the beat of a tribal drum, a flash of light and an explosion of colour I was shaken to my senses…A leather hat, a boomerang and all the colours of Australia burst onto the runway…this was no outback dream, this was Sydney’s Circular Quay.

If Romance was Born was the opener for day one of MBFWA SS2012, there is no doubt Camilla’s Gypset was the main event.   Still dominant was Camilla’s signature bright, bold Kaftan chic evolved and explored to reflect the image of the globe trekking gypsy.  Although the show clearly tapped into a united nations of style, we wondered was Camilla paying homage to this Country’s traditional roots as well as its evolution to melting pot status?

There was an enormous amount of detail to take in as Camilla’s ornate batiks poured onto the runway.  Fluid, fluttering like butterflies, maxis morphed into flowing robes revealing bathing suits and beading.  Pieces were paired with some serious tribal bling – from boomerangs, to feathers and African corset necklaces. 

As a big fan of Camilla’s it is exciting to see her branching out, exploring new avenues for her signature style, and like the kiddies who accompanied her at the collection close, we are happy to be enchanted by her magic, following her all the way down the runway…..



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