MBFWA SS 2012: Ginger and Smart

Is it a young Samantha Jones were seeing here? The unabashedly confident character on Sex and the City would be right at home in these pink slimline jackets and smokin hot cigarette jeans fitting only to a body of sin. Indeed, if neon pop and over the top are your fashion equivalent of fun, Ginger and Smart delivered yesterday with a celebratory show to mark 10 years of being in the Australian Fashion Industry which was staged at On Seven in David Jones.

It’s a bold move by designer duo Alexander and Genevieve Smart to use neon which to date has only been used sparingly and spread it across an entire range. Does it work? Or more importantly does it matter? Whilst neon green brocade may be for the daring Samantha Jones’ of the world only, the usual flamboyancy of Ginger & Smart extends to more sellable digital print shirts and skirts, anchored by some pretty hues of champagne silk.

Showing no sign of slowing down Ginger and Smart are even releasing a pod-cast each month, hitting up their favourite tunes which if you’ll listen to, is as anomalous as the collection and who could expect anything less? In a competitive market one pulls out all the stops however it’s refreshing to see Ginger and Smart continue with an aesthetic that brought them to 10 years in the first place, with a calorific, magicked up and crazy print or two.



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