MBFWA SS 2012: Flowers For a Vagabond

There’s no doubting that fashion is about as subjective as art. In some cases it’s borderline art and in the instance of Flowers For A Vagabond, ‘Desirable Darkness’ delves into complexities of the human psyche not everyone in standing would have been able to relate to.

One year in for Toby Maclean and 4 years past graduation in 2006, it couldn’t have been an easy ride from this country boy’s roots to Sydney living. Maybe he’s the type to make progress in the same way that Instagram did from $500,000 in 2010 to a billion 2 years later? Certainly if a graduate collection a year ago to a full blown show is indicative of anything, this is a man on a mission, and for those that like minimalist tailoring with complex detailing the Flowers With A Vagabond brand will rock your aesthetic.

To truly understand the show you might have needed to watch it in order to see it as it was meant to evolve. In a haze of smoke models forelorn and with side slicked, greased back hair emerge in sinuous mode to the forelorn tones of Lana Del Ray ‘Born to Die’.

Enchanting, as these creatures switch boxes within the bigger box of the OPT. Black leathers and one particularly innovative tailored skirt give way to bandage which draped with fine fringing begin the trend for an evolution of kinds as colours go from black to brighter hues of fuchia until it would seem the emergence from the darkness has occurred, although judging from the title was that the collections intention?



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