Celebrity trash or treasure?

They claim that everyone wants a piece of them – and quite frankly it’s true.

Whether it’s stealing their name for our first-born, pinching their latest hair dos, or following their totally unrealistic diet plans – we just can’t get enough of celebrities!

 And now, thanks to our trusty online friend eBay – also known as the place where you can buy and sell “anything” (including your own virginity!) – we can get even closer to our A-list besties.

 That’s because, in a bid to discard any designer gear they’ve worn once (and can’t bear to possibly be “papped” in again), more and more celebrities are auctioning off their treasure trove of cast offs on – you guessed it- eBay!

For the record, I’m not talking here about a shameless splash- out on totally pointless collectibles like Britney Spears’ used gum or a lock of Justin Bieber’s first chest hair, we are talking about a serious treasure trove of trash. 

From Carey Mulligan’s exquisite silver and gold Prada Met Gala gown to Kim Kardashian’s crystal Jimmy Choo clutch as well as Kim’s sis Kourtney’s diamond Dunamis watch.  It’s almost like taking a virtual tour of the enviable walk-in-wardrobes of the showbiz world’s favourite fashionistas.

Not one to miss out on a potential designer bargain or the chance take a nosey inside someone else’s closet, I allowed myself an innocent flick through the shiny expensive goods on offer.

And after pondering a glamorous life looking just like one of the flawlessly made-up Kardashian sisters, I made my cyber move.

Restraining myself to a single bid, I opted for Kim’s classic cream Christian Louboutin heels which were clearly destined to be mine seeing as they were exactly my size – an almost impossible to find 36.5.

Now in the midst of all this economic uncertainty, you may chastise me for forking out for such an extravagance.  But consider this, not only are these “must have” Louboutin platforms totally necessary to boost my 5ft frame, I’m also helping Kim inject some much needed cash into one of her fav charities – not to mention into the global economy by encouraging her to shop for a whole new wardrobe!   

Since making my first bid, with just 4 days and 10 hours to go, I’ve been anxiously logging on, keeping a protective eye on my increasingly expensive new footwear, all while struggling to decide which hip-hugging pencil skirt to pair them with for their first outing….watch this space….


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