Beauty Review: Zotrim by Body for Women

Do we ever really leave the days of school prom behind? With all concentrated efforts made to look like the most amazing and best representation of ourselves, this again gets replicated when we celebrate a birthday, a wedding or as I found Fashion Week which sadly for some ISN’T a foray from runway to runway but a hard slog on a gummy bear sugar high, the come down of which is when your ‘investment wardrobe’ doesn’t fit you and street style photographs come back to haunt you.

Introducing Zotrim by sports and nutritional brand Body Science which was launched to a bevy of health and beauty experts last week. This non-medical weight loss supliment has been proven as the numero uno weight loss product of its kind with studies in the UK finding an average weight loss of 5kg over 45 days for simply taking the tablet three times daily.

As explained by Sydney nutritionist Susie Burrell who has introduced Zotrim to her own client base, in conjunction with a healthy eating plan ‘Clients who are able to get a kg or two off over a week seem to be able to get an extra kg or two each week during the 4 – 6 week period’ but with the added bonus as Susie stated of ‘no noted side effects’.

All this might sound pretty complicated but the idea is simple. Using organic plant extracts Yerbe Mate, Damiana and Guarana, the 3pm sugar cravings which kill us all are reduced, and when we do eat our stomachs feel fuller for longer plus with the added bonus of Guarana your more likely to feel more active and energetic to exercise.

So as my Shakuhachi Day Tripper Dress sits idly in the wardrobe, I’ve done a double whammy of taking Body for Woman Zotrim and following Susie Burrell’s ‘The January Plan’ from an old archived issue of Grazia Australia. Although 4 days in is a little too early to say, with the addition of 2 tablet’s of Zotrim in the morning I’m feeling that extra little bit extra chipper which be it the guaranna or the buzz around doing something nice for yourself, is a worthy investment for a princely $39.95 a packet.


Photos courtesy of  Sweaty Betty PR

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