ProSkins Slim: Anti-Cellulite Leggings

If you’re one of those rare female creatures who is lucky enough to not have any cellulite, read no further. But if you, like the rest of us, can admit to this little thigh problem, read on. I recently had the chance to trial the latest in anti-cellulite technology…in a pair of leggings. Yes, you read right, a pair of leggings that claims to reduce cellulite.

I must admit, at first I was a little skeptical. Not just of the leggings but of the whole concept of anti cellulite beauty treatments. Surely the only fix is slogging it out on the stair master? Apparently not.

These aren’t your average Lycra leggings. Infused with caffeine (a renowned active slimming agent), retinol (a skin regenerator) and vitamin E, this techno textile is constructed as a micro-encapsulated yarn that slowly releases these anti-aging goodies, while also regulating you optimum body temperature and promoting circulation and fat deconstruction. Still with me?

Aside from all the technology, as soon as I pulled on a pair of the ProSkins Slim I was impressed. They immediately shrink and smooth your skin, sucking everything in like a good pair of Spanx. I was almost inspired to put on my sneakers and go for a run (almost).  While the couch potato in me loved the idea of lounging around and loosing cellulite, I could tell these ProSkins meant business. Extremely comfortable, yet sleek and supportive, I would invest in a pair regardless of the soaked in slimming agents.

And while I haven’t worn them for 28 days straight, their clinical trial team has and have had amazing results. Proven to reduce up to 2cm off thighs and a 76% slimming efficiency, the ProSkins seem to be an effective (and extremely easy) way to reduce cellulite and tighten up thighs. Expensive creams and invasive surgeries need not apply.

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