Long Distance Love

A funny thing happened to me last year. Having finished my tertiary study the year prior, I decided some international adventure and experience was in order. Packing up my life into a few (too many) boxes, I moved out of my apartment, left my job, farewelled my friends and family, and made my way to New York City. Exciting? Yes. Daunting? You bet. The fact I was leaving my beloved boyfriend behind? Complicated. All of a sudden I found myself in the midst of a long distance relationship, something I always thought was best left alone. Now back in Australia I’d love to say we’re still together, but alas he’s been relocated overseas himself. Timing’s a laugh right? Regardless, having tried my hand and watched many a friend pine for the one they love, with this weeks release of long distance love film Like Crazy, it seems only fitting to trade top tips for making your relationship last longer than the distance between you.

1. Practical Preperation

Make sure you are both fully committed to going the distance prior to your airport departure. Try to gauge how often you expect to speak to each other, when you’ll next see each other and when there’s likely to be light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Communication is KEY 

There’s really no excuse given today’s technology. Gone are the days of crazy phone bills; sign up to Skype, Email, Facebook…whatever it is you need to be in touch regularly. Don’t just have catch up chats; sometimes little and often is a better way of keeping the intimacy alive. Like you would if you were in the same place, embrace the mundane chit chat as it really does fuel the friendship your relationship is built on.

3. Physical Boundaries

There’s only so much that can be said to keep a relationships passion alive. Explore new ways to express your ah, frustrations…‘sex-ting’ may well become your favourite pastime.

4. Get Saving

With internet bills, flights and parcel postage, being in a long distance relationship can certainly get expensive. Remember to factor in postage prices when sending gifts and care packages, and try to draw up a budget for travel expenses, working together to make things fair for everyone.

5. True Trust

Perhaps the hardest part for some is keeping jealousy at bay. Of course your loved one is going to leave the house when you’re not there, which shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have open and regular communication. Perhaps the biggest step is trusting that once reunited, struggling to be apart was all worth it.

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