Spending St Valentines with your bestie

Ohhh it’s Valentine’s Day next week. Is that so? I didn’t notice. Didn’t notice about as much as I didn’t check that guy who won’t call’s Facebook 381 times, didn’t spend hours listening to The XX and didn’t eat kilos of Nutella straight out of the jar. Yep…that single.

Whatever. Valentine’s Day is just a Hallmark holiday. You shouldn’t need a set day of the year to tell someone how you feel. All that romantic nonsense triggers my gag reflex anyway.

Hypothetically these single girl mantras make sense. But when you’re home alone, late at night, standing on a stool in the middle of your bedroom, trying to herd the mother of all spiders out your window with a two-metre ruler — it would be kind of nice to have a male around.

In the past few weeks I’ve actually become a lot less desperate and dateless. Now I’m just dateless. In fact the best (read: only) date I’ve been on recently was with another girl. She picked me up, bought me a bunch of flowers and we went and had a lovely dinner at a local Italian place. We also drank an excessive amount of wine and ended up at Domino’s at 1.30am. Definitely a successful first date. She even stayed the night. Although it’s at this point that your date becomes a sleepover. 

There’s a lot to be said for the lady date.

If you’re anything like me on legitimate “we’re both here to judge if we want to take each other’s clothes off and possibly spend copious amounts of time together” dates you get very flustered, repeat the phrase “what was I about to say again?” and nervously talk really, really fast. Then get the hiccups from talking at speeds previously only achieved by rap artists.  So for these people (hoping I’m not the only one here) a good lady date is ideal.

You get dressed together instead of getting undressed together — even helping each other pick outfits, which is far less stressful. You don’t have to think about which restaurant to go to in terms of whether they serve awkward date food, namely burritos and laksa, and can be as ridiculous as you like without fear that you’ll never hear from them again.

Much as I hate the hiccups, I do enjoy the butterflies and possibilities that come with a non-platonic date, and it would be nice to go on another one of those at some point.  Until that happens, and I’m guessing it won’t be between now and next Tuesday, I’m going to grab a good girl friend, get dressed up and completely indulge in food, wine and probably a sizable vent this Valentine’s Day.



  1. Love a good lady date! Being single seems to be all fun and games until someone makes a Hallmark holiday for couples haha.

  2. Natalie Cheeseman says:

    As long as my lady date includes a double serve of dessert I’ll be happy.

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