RTW 2012 New York Fashion Week Wrap

WGSN (Worth Global Style Network) has a lot to answer for. Offering online trend analysis as much as 24 months in advance, the WGSN forecasts trends in colour, styling, materials and design and because of this is an essential go-to reference point for designers in the lead up to a show.

On this topic NewYork Fashion week served up a contradiction of trends. From colour blocking at Calvin Klein to pinks and prints at Marchesa, however without failing to recognise one commonality amongst designers. Colour.

The red’s took on an orange hue, the pinks were mostly musk. It’s no co-incidence as clearly WGSN is doing it’s job and although for some it could be argued that the guidance of Worth results in each collection being made to look the same, I personally couldn’t think of a better way to co-ordinate by wardrobe.

1. Calvin Klein


2. Diane von Furstenberg


3. Jason Wu


4. Vera Wang


5. Marchesa




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