Madonna: America’s High Priestess of Pop

Bless me father for I have sinned.  It has been years since I last purchased a Madonna single.  Though a devout fan of Madonna’s since the 1980’s, in recent times I confess to losing all faith that my idol could ever be resurrected.  Last night, however, my faith was restored as Madonna delivered all of the pageantry, performance and (near) perfection I, along with a record 114 million+ viewers from around the globe, have come to expect from her over the years.  

She arrived as Cleopatra  on winged chariots, lead by an army of muscled gladiators striking an Egyptian pose to her iconic Vogue.  Although she did appear somewhat nervous at the start – once the Music started pumping Madonna’s almost frozen postures melted into what was clearly a more relaxed and comfortable club-choreography.  As Hey Mr DJ mixed in to reveal the LMFAO duo, she convincingly danced her way through  Party Rock Anthem and to the crowd’s delight pushed out some impressive push-ups to I’m Sexy and I Know It.  Clearly she works out.

But it didn’t end there, flanked by Niki Minaj and M.I.A., Madonna (always the savvy businesswoman) shamelessly debuted her latest tune, Luvin as Cleopatra transformed into Cheerleader and the Material Girl reminded us that she is a master in self promotion.   

Of course, no American football finale would be complete without a marching band.   In this case Cee Lo Green marched on field with a thumping of school of drums to deliver a medley of Madonna classics Open Your Heart and Express Yourself.    For her finale, Madonna brought in the big guns:  getting down on her knees she lead the choir and Green into Like a Prayer proving to all non-believers that whether you love her or loath her, she is truly America’s High Priestess of Pop.


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