Post Break Up Salon Therapy

Here at Daily Gloss, the end of last year was a rocky time for a few of us. It seemed cupid had floated right out of our office and taken all his arrows with him. Yes, it was a mass break up – productivity levels were at an all time low and chocolate consumption was at an all time high.

I attempted to deal with my break up in a number of ways – throwing myself into work, taking up yoga and frequently indulging in one too many wines with friends. The real turning point for me however, was chopping off my hair.

Carrie went through this cathartic process in the first SATC movie (the one we liked), after being left at the alter by long time lover Mr Big.

Aaron Middleton, Art Director at Unico Hair suggests that this is a common process “Many clients make drastic hair changes after a relationship break up; they like to feel they have a new start with a new look.” That’s exactly what this change represented to me – a fresh start. It was almost as if my long locks were weighing me down, tying me to the past.

This was what I needed to stop feeling sorry for myself and start moving forward. It was a style I had been considering for a while and a means to seizing back control of my life.

Following her 2009 split from abusive partner, Chris Brown, Rihanna emerged with a super hot blonde mohawk and a new attitude to boot!

Not all of these stories end so well, as Middleton explains making a rash decision can often end in tears. “It might give them a ‘quick fix’, however, often after a few weeks when their feet hit the ground, they’re not so sure.”

But, there are simple measures to ensure that ‘break up you’ doesn’t do something that ‘sane you’ will regret. “This is where a great hairdresser is needed. If they know you well enough, and know what you like in a cut and colour, they can suggest something that is appropriate within your limits,” says Middleton.

“Recent surveys suggest one in five girls have changed their colour in the aftermath of a relationship. This is probably a safer option than going super short. If you go for the chop, remember it will take a lot longer to grow back rather than returning to your old colour.”

The day after her divorce was finalised, Hilary Swank famously chopped 9 inches from her hair on Oprah and donated them to Beautiful Lengths, an organisation which makes wigs for cancer patients.

My hair change was one I had considered for a long time and executed by a hairdresser I trusted. The whole experience, from the salon to showing off my new look to friends, was extremely therapeutic for me. I love my long bob and haven’t looked back!

One final word of advice from Middleton – “Just whatever you do, don’t do a Britney Spears (and shave your head). This may make your chances of a new relationship very slim for a while!”

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  1. Simone Politch says:

    i felt that i could identify with your writer, natalie cheeseman. she shared her intimate & yet raw take on ‘i want to feel good about myself NOW’ the post break up chop isnt uncommon, but, i appreciated her challenge as to the ‘why’…personally i find doing something drastic liberating..most other women dont…sure, some post break up get a tattoo which is totally symbolic…hair however..ahh…its everything to a woman….or some..or most…

  2. I almost did this yesterday! Chickened out when I got in the chair. Next time…

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