Monday Music: Power Ballads

If Julia Gillard’s been flailing in the fashion stakes of late this morning’s showdown proved two things. One, Julia’s better dress sense and whoever said ‘clothes don’t maketh the man’ was wrong wrong wrong. Wearing a red coloured jacket the PM’s dress called for victory and according to Chinese culture, red symbolises good luck so she was one ahead of Kevin 07 before the battle had even begun.

And atlhough the conquest for leadership may be said and done; the showdown between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd this morning resulting in a 73 (Gillard) to 29 (Rudd) win. Rudd’s conquest for leadership of the Labor Party will no doubt continue from where he will now sit within the back bench.

Never one to go quietly and with the people on his side – we’re expecting big things from Kevin in the future and to help him in his squabble, one which will only ensue the popularity of the endearing Tony Abbot and prove the Labor party’s superior battle skills. We’ve compiled a hit list of power ballads for him to sing along to. Be it in office, over parliament or whichever he see’s to be most fitting.

We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war right Kev?

1. Eye of the Tiger – Altiyan Childs

2. The Final Countdown – Europe

3. Kung Foo Fighting – Love Freak

4. Pretty Enough – Casey Chambers

5. Rock The Casbah – The Clash

6. Receive The Power – Guy Sebastian & Paulini

7. I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

8. Strong Enough – Cheryl Crow

9. Don’t Stop Believin – Starship

10. We Will Rock You – Queen


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