Monday Music: Be My Valentine

What is it with music being so inextricably linked with love? Is it courage or lack of it that we feel music better translates words were otherwise unable to say, or it it that actions, when accompanied with music are amplified times 100?

For example can you imagine watching Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes in Romeo & Juliet sans a soundtrack? Or would Keanu Reeve’s declarations of love in A Walk in The Clouds have been anywhere near as beautiful without the soft sounds of the Guitarron Mexicano playing in the background?

In the spirit of Valentines Day we’ve compiled a hit-list of songs. From the sleazy to the one’s that’ll make you swoon. Click the link and download in iTunes and your set to celebrate, be it as a loved up couple or a fabulous single.

In the words of the late and great Whitney Houston, ‘Learning to love yourself .. It is the greatest love of all’.

1. Al Green Let’s Stay Together

2. Nouvelle Vague Dancing With Myself

3. Bon Iver Skinny Love

4. Bright Eyes First Day of My Life

5. Matt Corby Big Eyes

6. Mouldy Peaches Anyone Else But You

6. Portishead Glory Box

8. Jack Johnson Better Together

9. Washington Lover/ Soldier 

10. Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You


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