Great Lengths Launch New MULTISONIC Hair Extensions

With a busy schedule encompassing work time, playtime and over-time, there’s very little not to be loved about a trip to the hairdressers. Be it a warm, cosy nook or a wide minimalist space, hairdresser time for me at least is a non-negotiable diary event where in some way akin to travelling across time, I get to settle in, champagne in hand and pour over every ounce of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and Elle until my time is up and I’m whooshed out of my cape just like nothing’s happened but with undoubtedly better hair.

Sometime’s whilst I’ve been in this medicinal state, several hours have passed as my hair’s been coloured, washed, dried, styled and cut and in the instance of extensions, modulating 150 to 200 single strands for a full head of hair, plus the aforementioned is going to take some time and thus a large chunk out of my otherwise crazy work day.

Reaching a happy medium for the time poor at a soiree held in the beautiful Sergeants Mess located in Chowder Bay, last week Great Lengths introduced their new MULTISONIC Hair Extension technology, a process enabling a full head of single strand extensions to be attached to the hair in under 45 minutes. The device which is a first of it’s kind can transfer a bob into a mane or as in the case of Erin McNaught who attended the launch, as add volume to long locks or a hint of additional colour.

That’s less time, and save bleaching less damage to my own hair.

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